As the INTERACT+ Project goes into it’s second year, the first meeting of 2024 was hosted in Linz, Austria by Project Partner International Fistball Association March 13-14th. The meeting had updates from all work packages. After the successful submission of Literature Review and Theory of Action, University of Limerick updated the Partners on the next stages on testing the Theory of Action as well as the Evaluation process.

Work Package 3 had updates on planning the capacity building trainings for the next two years of the programme. If you are an International Sports Organisation and would like your representatives or employees to learn more about implementing Sport for All in your organisation, please reach out to the capacity building coordinators at and This training is being offered free of charge for any participants who would like to join and will have online trainings for participants not able to travel.

The INTERACT+ Label is an exciting part of the project. We will be launching an online dashboard where organisations can self-evaluate their Sport for All activities, initiatives, and areas of interest in June. To inform and refine the Label, an INTERACT+ Conference with International Sport Organisations and National Sport Federations will be held in Lausanne, Switzerland on October 1st where we can collect expert feedback about the INTERACT+ Label Certification. The next project partner meeting will be online in June.