Next weekend there are two tournaments on the schedule: the Major tournament in Elgg (SUI) and the 500 tournament in Karlsdorf (GER). After the start in South America, these are the first two tournaments on European soil this season. Elgg is also the first major to be held in Europe.

Teams from Switzerland, Austria, Italy and Germany will take part in Elgg. The Eulachtournament in Elgg is known for the large number of teams and the high quality of the tournament in the adult and youth divisions. From U10 to U16, a casual tournament, to the men’s and women’s elite, the tournament offers a wide range.
The Major tournament in Elgg will also feature a test international match between the men of Switzerland and Italy as preparation for the World Championships in Mannheim in the summer.

At the same time a 500 tournament takes place in Karlsdorf (GER). Many teams from all over Germany use the tournament in Karlsdorf as well as in Elgg to prepare for the new season. Kellinghusen (women) and Waibstadt (men) want to defend the title from the previous year also in 2023. This year the tournament is expected to be held in better weather and free of snow.

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