The 2027 Men’s Fistball World Championship will be held in Germany: The International Fistball Association has once again awarded the biggest fistball event to the country of the current world champion at its most recent Executive Committee meeting. After 1972, 1982, 2007 and 2023, Germany will host the best men’s fistball teams for the fifth time.

It was the highlight of a unique Fistball World Championship 2023: 10.000 spectators created an impressive atmosphere in the final match between Germany and Austria in Mannheim’s SAP Arena. The organizers had installed natural turf in the multifunctional arena just for the event, in which Germany celebrated the world championship title with an impressive performance at the end of the eight-day tournament. In 2027 Germany will host the top international event again. “The 2019 and 2023 World Championships in Switzerland and Germany, but also national national events such as the recent Final4 in Switzerland have shown that fistball has the potential to leave its existing niche and become an attractive team sport in its own right,” says Jörn Verleger, President of the International Fistball Association, on the unanimous decision by the IFA Executive Committee to award the 2027 World Championship to Germany once again: “We want to do this not least because of the sport-political investment made at the 2023 World Championship. For this we see the conditions in the country of the reigning world champions are best suited for this.”

In July 2027, the World Championship is scheduled to take place in July 2027 – where exactly will be will be decided in the coming months. “There will be a call for tenders in which the bidding for a city or a region is possible,” explains Torsten Woitag, member of the board at Faustball Deutschland: “The aim is to find the venue by the end of the year.” The renewed bid for the for the World Championship is part of the 2028 strategic plan that the German association has announced in order to increase the visibility of fistball in the long term. The plan is also to organize further international events to be held at the World Championship venue before 2027. “This general approach of the German bid convinced us,” says IFA President Verleger: “In the coming years, we see the opportunity to refinance the investment and still not have to give up the fistball values.”